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My flat rate:  €25 per hour.

AL1:  3 generation search.

Let me trace back to your Great Grandparents (Paternal & Maternal) and present your 4gen Family Tree (15 people) in a printed A3 chart, along with any accompanying family history.

AL2:  4 generation search.

I will research back to your Great Great Grandparents (Paternal & Maternal) and present your 5gen Family Tree (31 people) in a printed A3 chart, along with any accompanying family history. And don't worry; if for some reason the research on a particular individual or generation is not feasible, then I will let you know immediately and you can either renegotiate the price/search, or simply cancel your request.  I will also keep you informed of my progress.

AL3: The "Long Haul"*

Not so long ago, one of Ancestral Line's customers discovered she was a descendant of a 4th century King of Finland!

What will you discover?

If you would like to commission me for long-term/specific research, or would like me to delve as far back as possible into your ancestry, then please get in touch.

These kind of projects can be costly, so I am willing to discuss terms and even let you set the hours of  research, stopping and starting to suit your budget.

AL4: Tree Surgery
Your Family Tree is an eternal connection to your ancestors, an important graphical link to those who were your blood, your kin.
In nature, a tree is only as strong and as pure as its supporting roots. The same can be said for a Family Tree, except in this case you are the all important roots. It is you who feeds and nurtures it, you who helps it to grow and spread its branches. You do this by feeding it the correct information, acquired through hours of diligent research and countless inquiries.
Unfortunately we can sometimes fall victim to inaccuracies which can throw a Family Tree completely onto a wrong path/line, giving the owner a false Ancestral lineage.

This is where Tree Surgery can help.
Using the information supplied by you, along with access to your family tree, I will identify and correct any inaccuracies found, strengthening your Tree and proving your ancestral line with facts.

Heraldic Family Tree Gifts:

Why not give someone special an heraldic style Family Tree. These beautiful charts are suitable for weddings, anniversaries and many other occasions.

Contact me with your tree details and preferences, then I will let you know the cost. 

These are normally presented in acid-free inserts (customers usually want to do their own framing), but framing can be requested.                               

(Where Coats of Arms are not available, applicable Tartans or Clan Badges will be used)

Personal Adoption Research:

Ancestral Line has had some success with Personal Adoption Research.

If you wish assistance in this area, then I will gladly provide my services free of charge and with total confidentiality.

However, I cannot guarantee results.

Visit Your Ancestral Home:

If you've always wanted to visit the area where your Irish roots began, then contact me. I would love to help.

*For "Long Haul" research, Ancestral Line will usually present:

A full genealogical report.

This may contain:

  •  A3/Scroll Family Tree charts.
  • Copies of Birth/Marriage/Death/Burial records.
  • Copies of relevant Census returns.
  • Transcriptions of documents where copying is not permissible.
  • Copies of any Wills or Testaments found.
  • Duplicates of available Maps for ancestral area/home.
  • Duplicates of  Valuation or Tithe returns.
  • Copies of any Land or Deed registration.
  • Where available, reports from "Landed Estates" records.
  • Copies of relevant Immigration records.
  • Graveyard inscription/location records.
  • Military history, with relevant service records and any stories attached.
  • Where possible, photographs of physical locations.
  • Copies of Newspaper articles/notices.
  • Duplicates/Transcripts of Legal/Court documents.
  • a CD with all acquired information digitally imprinted. This will include a GEDCOM (GEnealogical Data COMmunication) file, which is supported by most genealogy software. This will allow you to progress your research, or to share/collaborate with others. 

Feedback & Comments:

Ancestral Line also values your comments. Please send any through the contact page.

And don't be deterred if the service you require is not mentioned here, just tell me what you need and I will do my best to help.

If you are also stuck with your own research and need advice, let me know and I will gladly assist where I can.



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